Levi’s® x Peanuts®
Last Updated 29.07.2020

Everyone’s favourite canine inspires the vintage Levi’s® collection in a range of sportswear, Peanuts® graphic T-shirts, reversible bucket hats, sweatshirts, football tees and more. This novel and witty range of clothing and accessories is bound to be an all-ages classic in the making when you shop online at Levi’s® for all your Snoopy Peanuts® merchandise. Choose from men and women’s Snoopy clothing, including Snoopy jackets, Snoopy T-shirts and Peanuts® T-shirts featured in the Peanuts® clothing collection of Peanuts® merchandise Australia. Snoopy apparel for adults presents the perfect way to sport your individual style in Snoopy clothing that is designed for playful fun in the Peanuts® clothing collection.