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When they’re made to last, we can all waste less.

At Levi's®, we're convinced that quality is a first step to sustainability. Because when a pair of jeans is made to last, it isn't limited to one owner, one era or even one lifetime. You live in Levi's®, then you pass them on to someone else to do the same. So we can all do the most sustainable thing possible: extend the wear on what we love, and consume less over time.

Quality. It’s in the details.

Wearing longer starts with how Levi's® are made. From the strength of the rivet to the range of stitching techniques to the staying power of the button fly, every detail is intentionally designed to keep your jeans lasting longer.

Wear. Repair. Repeat.

Your jeans are in it for the long haul. But not without a little help. From simple repairs to turning your denim into something new at the Tailor Shop, there are a range of ways to keep your favourite fits in heavy rotation.

Lifetime stories lived in Levi’s®

Our stylists share some of their favourite fits and memories in their Levi’s®. The more you wear them, the better they get. Share your lifetime stories lived in Levi’s® below.

501®: Timeless style

Our commitment to sustainability