WORK MEANS MORE Outfitting workers since 1873, Levi's® Workwear is designed to work as hard as you do. Made from extra strong fabric for durability and increased abrasion resistance, and Comfort Stretch for long days on the job and beyond. We recently followed four groups of local workers, tradies and craftsmen who took us on their personal journey of how work means more to them. Their work is their passion and doesn't stop when they put down tools.
Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds are two mates with dairy farming in their bones. The pair came together during a difficult period in their lives, co-founding Gippsland Jersey in 2016 as a response to pressures on Victoria's local milk industry. Today, Gippsland Jersey is a thriving, sustainable business that ensures a fair price is paid to farmers and returns a portion of profits to the local Gippsland community.
Scott and Michael are two travel buddies who met in Cambodia and share a love of concrete, creation and architectural construction. Using fibreglass moulds to give dimension and perspective to their work, these two old friends have built a reputation around reimagining the limits of concrete as a medium.
Nick is the owner, designer and maker behind Made By Morgen, a Melbourne-based boutique furniture company inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design. An ex project manager at a big construction company, Nick had an epiphany when he discovered he could put his expert craftsmanship to good use, and that it was possible to be practical and creative at the same time.
James has over a decade of experience in the engineering, drafting and creation of steel windows and doors. After gaining experience through work in Melbourne and London, he founded Steel Window Designs and has built a reputation as one of the country’s leading creators of designer windows and doors.
Cal and Mitch are two mates with a passion for sleek and stylish landscape design. Whether it’s creepers on walls, manicured lawns, flower beds or installation, these two old friends and their worksite dogs (Storm and Pearl) are leaving their mark on gardens all around Victoria.
Ready for long days on the job
505TM Jean or Pant Loved for their classic straight leg style,
they are cut to sit at the waist, with extra leg
room in the thigh and fall straight to the ankle.
511TM Jean or Pant The modern slim fit, with room to move.
Made to work and updated with a slightly
wider ankle to fit over work boots.