Levi's® Australia Women's Ribcage jeans - Our Highest Rise Yet

Ribcage Jeans
Last Updated 13.01.2020

The Levi's® ribcage jeans are available in flared, relaxed or straight legged styles in a variety of colours; black, light wash, medium wash or dark wash, blue and brown. The waist extends from the ribcage straight down to a variety of leg openings; either straight jeans, crop flare jeans or wide leg jeans. Wear the Levi's® ribcage black jeans paired with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a relaxed, casual look; or to dress the ribcage jeans up, add a belt and a crisp shirt with a pair of heels to enhance the look. The Levi's® ribcage jeans are a premium quality garment, as are all the Levi's® iconic jeans, designed to stand the test of time. The ribcage crop flare jeans have been reimagined to echo the 1970s style made famous by the hippies and musicians who loved the Levi's® jeans in that era.