Levi's® Australia Men's Jackets - Fit For Anything + Made To Last

Levi’s® men’s denim jackets are in demand, such as black denim jackets, men’s Sherpa jackets and corduroy jackets. Favourite men’s denim jackets include hooded denim jackets and trucker jackets with hard-wearing pockets and stitching.

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Men’s Jackets

Last updated 07.12.2020

Everyone likes to own a favourite denim jacket. Men can create a casual, rugged and cool jean jacket style with Levi’s® men's denim jackets. Choose from Modern, Vintage and Made & Crafted denim jackets to personalise your look. There are dozens of Levi’s® men's denim jacket styles available, plus new arrivals that are guaranteed to turn heads.

What to wear with a men's denim jacket?
Levi’s® denim jackets are famous, and always look great with jeans and boots. In addition, men's denim jackets have evolved, with lots of great Levi’s® jean jacket options. Men's jackets are worn over short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, and jean jackets look great paired with chinos, button collars and dress shoes. In cooler weather, men's jackets are worn with moisture wicking base layers, shirts and even hoodies. For ultimate weather protection and long-lasting performance, the Levi’s® men's denim jacket collection includes the Levi’s® Made & Crafted Mountain Coat and the Made & Crafted Oversized Type II Corduroy Trucker Jacket. Blue denim, black denim, cord jackets and distressed denim jackets are all on trend.

How should men's jackets fit?
Levi’s® denim jackets fit perfectly. Quality denim jackets deliver hard-wearing performance, fitted style, unrestricted movement, and modern denim fabrics that won't weigh you down. Use the online Levi’s® size guide for men's denim trucker jackets, Sherpa trucker jackets, corduroy Sherpa trucker jackets and other favourite denim jackets. From small to big & tall, here are a few fitting measurement steps.

  • Neck: Measure around your neck
  • Chest: Measure around the thickest part of your chest
  • Waist: Measure around the smallest part of your waist
  • Shoulder: Measure from one shoulder to the other
  • Seat: Generally around 20cm below the waist