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512™ Slim Taper
Last Updated 15.02.2023

As an alternative to straight jeans and skinny denim jeans, men’s slim-fit tapered jeans tick all the right boxes, including street-smart Levi’s® 512™. Men’s black slim-fit tapered jeans are another option worth considering for a sleek silhouette, thanks to premium denim and cotton/fabric blends that support movement without compromising durability that only Levi’s® Jeans can offer.

Are tapered the same as slim-fit jeans?
The Levi’s® men’s jeans range is huge, including men’s slim tapered jeans for the right fit between regular taper and skinny jeans. If you are looking for a form-fitted style with a little more room to move, consider Levi’s® 512 Slim Taper fit jeans made with a blend of Cotton/Lyocell/ Elastane materials

What are the best tapered jeans?
The best men’s slim tapered jeans hit the sweet spot between skinny and straight-cut jeans. Levi’s® men’s tapered jeans and slim tapered pants, available in regular taper and other tapered jeans styles, are favourites online and Australia-wide at Levi’s® stores.

Is slim Taper skinnier than slim?
The main difference between Levi’s® tapered jeans and slim-fit jeans is that tapered jeans are tighter fitting around the ankles, while slim-fit jeans are a closer fit around the seat and thigh. There is a wide range of fits in today’s jeans market and it’s important to know the type that suits you best. Levi’s® 512 slim taper jeans are a popular fit with Aussie men who want a more form-fitted silhouette.

What is a slim tapered fit?
A slim-tapered fit is tighter and more form-hugging compared to regular-fit jeans. However, these men’s Levi’s® jeans are roomier than skinny-fit jeans. Tapered jeans are perfect for men who want more room at the hip and waist. Basically, slim taper-fit fit jeans are jeans that are wider at the top but narrower at the bottom.

What is Levi's 512 fit?
Levi’s® 512 slim taper jeans are an intermediary fit that’s not too loose or not too tight. They have a tight fit with a tapered leg opening. Although tighter than regular fit jeans, they are looser and can be more comfortable than the skinny fit, depending on your build. Slim taper-fit fit jeans are the perfect mix of style and comfort for all-day wear.

What is the difference between slim-tapered and skinny jeans?
Tapered jeans are narrow from the knee to the ankle while skinny jeans are very tight jeans that narrow all the way down from the seat, thigh and leg. Tapered jeans can be more comfortable than skinny jeans since tapered jeans are roomier around the hip and waist. Slim tapered Levi’s® 512 Jeans are a great alternative to slim-fit jeans, Chinos, straight jeans and skinny-fit jeans. Levi’s® 512 slim taper jeans look great with t-shirts and other Levi’s® shirts and jackets for a smart-casual look for almost any occasion. Explore Levi’s® men’s jeans in-store or online and check back often for new arrivals and old favourites. Make a wishlist and check out our size guide for the best sustainably made pair of jeans on the planet.