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Women's Jackets - Levi's®

Women's Jackets


Women's jackets, a staple in outerwear, introduce Levi’s® fans to innovative styling and fashionable streetwear. The denim look is never outdated, especially when our new arrivals, part of the new season collection, are on trend for women in Australia and New Zealand. The Levi’s® women's jacket range includes Sherpa jackets, trucker jackets, blazers, oversized denim jackets, vintage look jackets and more. This range also features women's coats, jumpers, and hoodies, perfect for long sleeve weather.

Materials and Manufacturing

It's no secret that Levi’s® leads the way with our game-changing Water\u003cLess® Techniques, making the manufacturing of denim jackets more sustainable than ever. The Levi’s® women's jacket range is incredibly diverse, from vintage look trucker jackets to corduroy and cotton jackets showcasing the best of Levi’s® fashion design, highest quality materials, and versatility that can't be matched. This includes jackets, which have been added to many customers' wishlist.

Express Your Personality: Choosing the Right Denim Look

With Levi’s®, you can express your own special personality in a vintage look denim jacket, biker jacket, blazer, corduroy jacket, puffer vest, puffer jacket, trench coat, wool blend wool coat and reversible cropped trucker jacket. The choice is yours; just browse from the amazing Levi’s® range. Explore new in stock denim jackets and old favorites online today and proceed to checkout to purchase Levi’s® quality that will last a lifetime. Don't forget to check out our best sellers, including the bomber jacket and the quilted jacket.

Complete Your Outfit: More from Levi's

Levi's also offers a range of leggings, scarves, t-shirts, tees to complete your outfit. Accessibility is the key to fashion must-haves for any wardrobe. Browse online or visit us in-store today.

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