Women's Skinny Jeans

Levi’s® women’s skinny jeans are the perfect fit. Styles include high waisted skinny jeans, low rise skinny jeans, distressed and ripped women’s skinny jeans, and women’s black skinny jeans. Shop for the best women’s skinny jeans at Levi’s®.

Women's Skinny Fit

Last Updated 23.11.20

For those who don’t already know, women’s skinny jeans aren’t only for skinny women. The Levi’s® Skinny Jeans For Women range includes ‘skinny shaping’ styles for all women, with options including low rise, high waist, and women’s skinny plus size jeans that contour shapely curves.

Women’s skinny jeans (skinnies) are extremely popular, thanks to the combination of hard-wearing multi-weave denim cotton and modern fabrics designed for flexibility and breathability. Levi’s® options include distressed skinny jeans, ripped skinny jeans and women’s black skinny jeans.

How should women’s skinny jeans fit?
It depends on your personal style, and the Levi’s® collection delivers the best women’s skinny jeans range available. Celebrate your fashion style with women’s skinny jeans that show off your shapely silhouette, or women’s skinny cropped jeans for warm weather fun and adventure. Women’s skinny jeans are in demand with all types of Australian women, and you can shop online or in-store with Levi’s®, and have confidence in a brand you can trust.